Where can a Process Server Serve Papers?

I receive this question a lot when I get new clients needing a person served.  They tell me he works out-of-town who know where during the week and is only home between 11pm and 6am on Sundays.

The simple answer to this question in Oklahoma is truly simple read on to find the answer!

Some states regulate service by private process servers by not allowing service on Sundays and National Holidays or they regulate the time a service can be attempted between hours.

In the State of Oklahoma there are really no laws against serving someone at any specific place. Oklahoma also does not regulate the times a person can be served.

There is always a common sense rule that is in play.  Some places, even though may be illegal are not my favorite places to serve someone.

One such place is a Church.  I truly do not think I would feel comfortable INTERRUPTING a service to get a serve complete.  Now saying that, I WOULD be willing to go sit in the back and wait for services to end then conduct business.

Another place you are safe from me is IN the court room.  I would NEVER interrupt a judge in his court room under ANY circumstances!  However I again would be willing to sit and wait for you to exit the court room.

Some of the places I have visited and served someone would include:  Their home, job,  dance club and a strip club (yes those of you wondering  she was a dancer, she was on stage when I walked in and no I did not serve her while she was on stage.)

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  2. […] Where can a Process Server Serve Papers? (serverjeff.com) […]

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