Serving the Process Server

I have seen a few questions run across the forums I follow and though I would address this here.   The questions have been, “would you serve another Process Server?”

Process Serving is a profession in which most people work independently for themselves, some may work for a forwarding company but each individual is licensed privately with the courts.  When someone files a claim in civil court they are in most cases not filing on the process server in his position as a server, it is more likely filing on a personal level.

The wheels of justice must keep turning.  Knowing this fact it comes down to separating your personal life with your professional life.  When you hold a position where emotions can run high you must be able to separate the two, this may include other professions like Law Enforcement, Loss Prevention or simply any Manager of people.

You can make friends in this profession, but if my friend serves me papers saying I am being sued in court how can I remain being his friend?  Simple enough, I obviously have someone who thinks I did them wrong and they are trying to be compensated for my wrong doing.  It does not matter if I am guilty or innocent, the person giving me the papers is in no way attached to the case other than telling the courts “Yes, he was notified in person.”

When looking at it in prospective how does this come between friends?   It should never come between friends, if my process server friend served me papers my thought and feeling would be simple.  Hey he’s doing his or her job, someone is going to do this why not it be my friend making the money!

SO, in order to answer this question straight forward and easily.

YES, I would serve another process server and NO it would not affect our personal or professional relationship.
YES, I would and HAVE served my friends.  At first some were upset with me then realized, I am not the one accusing them of wrong doing.  I am simply notifying them of their day to defend their actions in court.   I have also had friends that knew in advance they were going to be served court papers and asked me if I could be the one to bring it to them, thus one less person in town would be in their business.

Remember, just because your being served court papers does not mean it is the end of the road!  Keep your head up and deal with the situation.   The quicker you get personal notification and have your day in court, the quicker you can get this all behind you!

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