New features to better serve for you!

For years now,  Jeffrey Worth – Process Server has been in the lead in Northern Oklahoma on the technology front.  We offer Email documents, updates via email, online billing and many more services that are online.

By being online and available to you the client 24 hours a day, you can keep updated on status information as well as communicate with our office on your time.    This also allows us to not tie up your phone lines communicating non-essential information and allows you to miss less client calls.

One of the things we have stressed in the past is the ability for our company to offer online near live updates.  When I say near live, at the end of the day we would data enter all the serves completed for that day and you could check on the status at that time.

Jeffrey Worth – Process Server has been using ServeManager since the beginning.  We have watched this company expand their services to be one of the best Process Serving Document Management options available.   The #1 reason for our choice of this company is simply because, we never know where we will be when we will need to access your document information in a hurry. The other options offered by other companies, most require separate software to be installed on each computer to operate properly.

I am here to share some exciting news with everyone.  Jeffrey Worth – Process Server now offers LIVE STATUS UPDATES! That’s right, we have teamed up with ServeManager’s technical team and began beta testing the mobile app.  This new app saves us office time and allows you the client to know almost instantly when a serve has been completed!  PLUS, when you log into your client side of ServeManager you will be able to view GPS coordinates of the address attempts.  With this new option, you can continue to put all of your trust in Jeffrey Worth – Process Server.  We are taking this step to benefit you and reassure you that you’re getting the best possible service any provider offers.

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