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This section is going to be straight forward.  You post a comment and myself or someone browsing can answer your question.  

When answering questions, please refer to the place you received your information so everyone can benefit from it.  If it is a opnion you have that is good also just let us know that is the case.   

I hope this helps everyone and please keep it Process service orientated.   Please no abuse of this, as spam and abusive comments / questions will be deleted.

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  1. Eric Faucett says:


    I own a Family and Divorce Mediation Firm out of Oklahoma City and Tulsa, and we are constantly needing Process Servers throughout Oklahoma.

    Our Private Investigator has a whole team of Process Servers, and I would like to get you in touch with you, as he would probably be interested in assigning serves to you in the area you service.

    You can find us online at http://www.expressuncontesteddivorce.com

    Call our office and ask to speak with Robert. Tell him Eric sent you!

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