Improve Your Image

Your Brand Improve your Image! You have spent all this time trying to build your brand. However, you seriously need to improve your image first!   You have everything you need, the will to succeed with a “Go get’em” attitude.   But you’re not making money yet and your already out upwards of $700 dollars on […]

Improving Business Presence

Before you focus on these issues, visit my other post Improve Your Image There are many Process Servers who have come to me asking the best way to improve their business presence.  I will try to expand ways to improve your business presence and give you examples of how I improved my business. So, a bit […]

Process Serving Business Closing

  Process Service Business is Closing WOW, 6 years has flown by so quickly and now we are closing. We have finally made the decision to close the door on the Process Serving business. Recently I have accepted a job transfer that is taking us out of Oklahoma, so we will no longer will be […]

A letter to NAPPS;

To: All NAPPS Committee Members Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jeffrey Worth and I am a Process Server in the state of Oklahoma.  I have been in this industry going on three years now, which compared too many I am still a new boot. Over the last three years, I have been […]

Serving the Process Server

I have seen a few questions run across the forums I follow and though I would address this here.   The questions have been, “would you serve another Process Server?” Process Serving is a profession in which most people work independently for themselves, some may work for a forwarding company but each individual is licensed […]

Who pays the Process Server

I have not been getting as many questions on Email as I was so I have been a little slower to post here.   However today I was looking through my site stats and notice people (more than 1) were searching for “Who pays process server.” I may have already answered this in a previous […]