We have Expanded

I understand I have been really hyping this announcement these last few weeks.  I am really exited to bring you the news today.

Our mission statement is simple:

Strive to make every client feel like the ONLY client!

This expansion I am referring to, I honestly hope none of our clients will even notice.  I say that with the hope our current customer service has truly made each of our clients feel like they are the ONLY client and if that is the case –as I feel it is–  this expansion will further allow us to maintain that mission statement, while allowing us to continue to expand our business and client base.

So, Here it is.

Effective TODAY, we have added Amy Worth as Private Process Server in the State of Oklahoma.

Amy is not new to the Process Serving world!  She has been with our business since the beginning, acting as the Skip Trace queen. Amy has also been called “Sherlock” by some of the clients.

With this announcement I hope to reassure our current clients and all future clients that we plan on and will be around for years to come.

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