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In Oklahoma, a Notary Public plays the role of a signature verifier. These individuals are appointed by the state to ensure that people are accurately identified when they sign various documents. This process involves obtaining approval from a private company. The Oklahoma Secretary of State is responsible for granting official authorization for this role.
To effectively carry out their responsibilities, a Notary Public uses a unique stamp or seal. This stamp is significant because it confirms the authenticity of a person’s signature on a document. Additionally, a Notary Public’s signature should match the way they initially registered it with the Oklahoma Secretary of State. This consistency allows for easy comparison and verification.

So, what’s the job of a Notary Public? They’re the ones who verify your identity and ensure you’re actually the person you claim to be when you’re signing important documents such as wills, and contracts, or even when you’re transferring car ownership. If a Notary Public comes to you (often called a mobile Notary), they’ll ask you to confirm that the information you’re signing is truthful. They can assist with simpler tasks like notarizing letters or contracts between individuals.

The term “acknowledgment” might sound a bit complex, but it essentially means stating, “Yes, I did sign this document for the reasons mentioned in it.” If someone is signing on behalf of a group or a company, they’re also confirming their authority to sign on their behalf.

When a Notary Public witnesses your signature, they are the identity double-checkers. They need to be sure you are who you say you are, either because they know you or by verifying your ID.

And if you ever need a certified copy of an important document (meaning it’s guaranteed to be legitimate), the Notary Public is the person who ensures that the copy is a faithful reproduction of the original.

In essence, a Notary Public acts as the guardian of signatures, ensuring everything is done properly and securely.

Hours of Operation

We operate our Notary service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, between the overnight hours of 10 pm and 9 am require a prior appointment made during normal business hours, with the ONLY exception being EMERGENCY MEDICAL NEEDS!

Notary Pricing Guide (plus mileage)

  • Acknowledgments – $5 per signature

  • Oaths & Affirmations – $5 per signature

  • Non-Certified Copies – $5 per signature

  • Protests – $5 per signature

  • Car Titles – $5 per signature

  • Loan Signings/Refinancing – Call for a quote

  • Printed B/W Copies – $0.25 / page

  • Mileage – $10.00/flat rate in Enid

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