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A notary public in Oklahoma is an individual commissioned by the State of Oklahoma to verify the identity of signers, and the notary public is required to be bonded by a private company. A notary public gets his or her commission directly from the Oklahoma Secretary of State, and the notary public must carry and use a special stamp or seal. The seal or stamp an Oklahoma notary public uses verifies that the affiant’s signature is true and authentic. An Oklahoma notary public must ensure that the notary public signs his or her name the same way in which the notary public recorded it with the Oklahoma Secretary of State. That way if anyone ever questions whether or not an Oklahoma notary public’s signature is authentic, one can compare the signature of the Oklahoma notary public with the official signature that the notary public already has on file.

An Oklahoma notary public serves to verify the identity of that person who wishes to officially sign a wide array of documents (i.e., wills, contracts, car titles transfers, jurats, home loans, etc.). Oklahoma mobile notaries must always get an oral or written affirmation from the affiant that the information contained therein is true and correct. A notary public can also notarize simpler things such as a letter from one person to another or contracts.

An acknowledgment means a declaration by a person that the person has signed an instrument for the purposes stated therein and if signing in a representative capacity, that the person has authority to sign the instrument on behalf of the person or entity identified therein.

In taking an acknowledgment, verification, or witnessing or attesting a signature, a notary must determine, either from personal knowledge or from satisfactory identification documents, that the person appearing before the notary is the person whose true signature is on the instrument.

In certifying or attesting a copy of a document or other item, a notary must determine that the copy is a full, true, and accurate transcription or reproduction of the one which was copied.

Notary Pricing Guide

  • Acknowledgments – $5 per signature

  • Oaths & Affirmations – $5 per signature

  • Non-Certified Copies – $5 per signature

  • Protests – $5 per signature

  • Car Titles – $5 per signature

  • Loan Signings/Refinancing – Call for quote

  • Printed B/W Copies – $0.25 / page

  • Mileage – $0.45/mile

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