Becoming a Process Server

Many people don’t understand the ins and outs of Process Serving, I hear all the time “That’s such a cool job.” or how can I get involved and become a Process Server?

License Required

In a series of posts, I am going to attempt to explore “Behind the Scene at a Process Serving Office.”   I am going to give tips and hints about what has worked for us and invite comments from anyone on tricks that have worked for them or ideas of things that would work better.


SO, you want to be a Process Server,  sounds like fun and easy money right?  I mean, all you have to do is get a license (in some states –I can only speak for Oklahoma) and then start handing out papers.

Slow down a bit and think this through, getting the license is the easy part, simply pay some fees and get the waiting period completed and you’re in the group.  But what about getting those papers, where do they come from and how do you get them?  Many people I have talked to think when the court clerk issues a summons or subpoena they will “pick” a process server to give it to.  This is not the case, if the court, court clerk or DA issues a summons or subpoena they give those to the Sheriff Department to complete a service.  So in order to actually get papers to serve, you must begin with a marketing plan and a starting place.

For me personally, my mother worked in an office building and knew a few Attorneys and Real estate rental companies.  Once I got my license, I picked up my first client right away.

I remember my first day, the attorney asked me “are you ready for this?” and then handed me 8 papers to serve, to say the least I was STRESSED! But I was able to get them all completed by the next day and returned to him.

I then visited with the Property Rental agency in the same building.  He was happy with the current Process Server and didn’t really want to change servers.  Basically once a firm finds a server they stick with them, they form a bond between the office and the server and both know what to expect with each other, thus making it very difficult to get your “shoe in.”  However, one day came along and their current server was unavailable for an emergency serve and I got the phone call!   Sticking to my mission statement “Strive to make every client feel like the ONLY client!” I was there within five minutes to retrieve the papers from him.  I then went and served the papers immediately and had the return to him the same day.   That was truly the turning point in my business, he was so satisfied, he began splitting the serves between the other server and myself evenly.  And as the years went along, he found I was getting more completed, affidavit completed AND filed with the court much quicker than the other server and I now have 100% of their business.

Word Of Mouth

After doing this for so long, I have tried everything to get more clients.  Business cards have been handed to every possible client (always hearing the same thing, “We have a server.”) I have spent money on websites, postcards, web advertising and web directories.
And I have found that very little advertisements work in this NARROW and SPECIFIC field.   I currently rely heavily on this website which gets approximately 45 to 60 hits per day and WORD OF MOUTH.   It is VERY refreshing to hear a new client call and tell me “So and So recommended you.”

So, I think I have rambled long enough.  Allow me to share my closing summary.

  • It truly does “take money to make money.”
  • Don’t expect papers to be dropped in your lap, without any prior hard work.
  • Don’t expect people to “jump on board with your NEW company.”
  • Word of Mouth is the BEST advertisement.
  • Have your OWN domain name on the Internet!
    • Your email should be ( .net, .org or whatever )  — Please do not use or
      a little money here will make your company stand out and have a much more professional look!
  • Treat all your clients like you want to be treated and remember to them,  their serve is more important than any other server you might have to get done!

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