Private Process Service vs. Sheriff Department

Map of Oklahoma highlighting Garfield County

Garfield County Oklahoma

What is a Sheriff Department serve?

This is when you assign the Sheriff Department of a specific county to deliver your legal documents.

What is a Private Process Server?

This is a private person or company licensed by the courts to serve documents issued by the courts. Continue reading

ServeManager Becomes Process Server’s Mobile Office Sep 25, 2010

As a process server I needed a better way to manage my clients and meet their needs.  I chose for the simple face I didn’t have to maintain software on my computer at my office and I could access all my information quickly and easily from any computer. has listened to my requests and suggestions I have made and been willing to call me back when I had a question about their software!  Below is a link to and artical they posted on their blog Sept 25, 2010.  Please follow it and check them out!

ServeManger Blog

Here is an excerpt …

Jeffrey WorthJeffrey Worth, a private process server from Oklahoma, was used to being on the road for most of the day. The problem was that a large chunk of that drive time was wasted while he commuted back and forth from his clients’ offices to his office to edit and print paperwork. Tired of the inefficiencies, Worth looked for a solution that would save time and reduce costs for both himself and his clients. For Worth, that solution turned out to be ServeManager …

Oklahoma Process Serving Laws

Just wanted to put this out there.  There doesn’t seem to be a lot of information available  on the laws of Oklahoma Private Process Serving.

I have downloaded and copied the current law from Oklahoma Court Network.   This is current as of date, however I do not guarantee anything that is said in it.  Please if you have a question contact a legal advisor!

Feel free to leave comments if you would like to discuss this issue! +

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