Garfield County Oklahoma
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N5LWT Repeater
N5UBY Link

Node: 255318

We operate an Echolink system accessible to all licensed Amateur Radio Operators.

Currently, we are operating on 444.825+ in Enid, Oklahoma.

All licensed Amateur Radio Operators are welcome to use the system responsibly and encouraged to make as many contacts as you wish.

If you have any questions, please drop an Email to [email protected]

Local Echolink Commands

Dial Node Number

Use to locate the node number of the station you are wishing to connect to.

Dial the 4 to 6 digit number into the repeater from your keypad.

PRO TIP: Don’t hold down the numbers, tap them quickly sending short bursts of DTMF.

Disconnect Station


After CSO is complete, if you connected to them on RF side, please disconnect from the station when your conversation is complete.

PRO TIP: Sending DTMF ** will disconnect ALL currently connected stations.

Echolink Status

DTMF: 08

Sending DTMF code 08 will give you all currently connected stations