Service of Process

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This page is dedicated to information I have acquired from various websites on the topic of Process Serving Laws in Oklahoma. 

Each Process Serving Law or Discussion is broken in to sub pages for easy organization.  My intention here is not to give you an all access to current up to date law but an overview and idea of Oklahoma Process Serving Law. Please use this information for general knowledge.  This may not be the actual  current law and as with all laws, process serving laws change.  Please contact an attorney or other legal advisor before taking the information here as 100% current.   I am a Oklahoma Process Server, I serve process in Garfield County.  I am not an attorney nor do I give legal advise.  Any information you receive from this site is my OPINION ONLY! I have tried to quote and reference all information as best as I can.   If you have specific questions about my Oklahoma Process Serving business please call me directly 580 554 7502.