You’ve Been Served! Now What?

I’m not a legal adviser or in any way in the position to give legal advice.  However I get asked this question a lot! In most cases it will depend on the type of papers you just received as to how you will proceed!

Jealousy – Good question

I have a post that I did earlier about Mr. Byran McElderry and his reality TV show. I would like to elaborate a little on this subject.  I was sitting here answering question on this site from my site visitors — YES, the Meebo on the right side is really me.  If it is lit up saying […]

Find the Person first!

OK, so someone owes you some money and they are refusing to pay.  What are the best steps to take in order to get your money? Being a Private Process Server, I should tell you “Go to your local small claims and file on them then call me and I will attempt to serve them.” […]

How to Evade Service Successfuly

Evading service is simple!  Park your car in the garage, in front of a neighbor’s house, use alley entrances, use the back door or don’t go to work. Process Servers for the most part have to personally deliver documents to you or someone living in your house. If you know you are being sued, simply […]

The “Drop Serve”

Someone told me one time, “This dude came knocking at my door, I opened the door and he said my name and asked if that was me.  I told him yes, that me.  He pulled the papers out of his jacket and tried to hand them to me.  I didn’t know who he was so […]

Price Variation

I repeatedly get asked why there is such a Price Variation among Private Process Servers. Oklahoma law sets the baseline price for service in Oklahoma at $55 this is due to the fact the Sheriff will serve documents for this price because of the Law. If you are calling around for price differences you will […]